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About Us

We met online in the summer of 1998 through an online community dedicated to Asian music. It was hard in those days to find Asian music, particularly Korean and Japanese music outside of those countries and so many websites and chat channels sprung up in order to trade music and videos and to be able to talk about our favorite artists. (For those curious, we liked S.E.S the most. Don't laugh.)

After three years, we started talking a little more and outside the main channels. He taught me how to play a variety of Blizzard games and took pity on my 28.8 modem connection and mailed a few cds filled with Korean videos. And then something different happened. Besides just talking about music and video games, we started to think we liked each other and he planned a trip to visit sometime in the latter half of 2001. Putting up all sorts of safeguards, including being surrounded by my college friends should he actually turn out to be crazy, Derrick visited me at my school and turned out not to be crazy! Another of our safeguards was, just in case he came and we didn't like each other at all, even as friends, he could take a short bus trip to spend his vacation with his friend Rob in New York.

But it turned out ok and we've become one of those couples now; those strange couples who have met online (though in a lot more geeky ways than through an online dating service) and made it all these years.

Our relationship has been long-distance since October of 2001 and we recently completed our application for a K-1 visa to allow him entry into the United States so we could get married. While some people say long distance makes it hard on a relationship, we think it may have made our relationship stronger and allowed us to appreciate the time we do get to spend together because until now, it's been a, sometimes, difficult journey.

Due to the restrictions of our visa, we will be getting legally married this summer with only our immediate family present and hope to celebrate with extended family and friends next summer.

We are thankful to both our parents and families for being supportive of us and our relationship and hope we can bring them happiness by living fruitful, dedicated lives.

Thank you.

About Us
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