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By Air

Seattle is serviced by Sea-Tac Airport (airport code: SEA) which is located about fifteen minutes south of the downtown core. Most major airlines, as well as most smaller airlines, fly into Seatac, both domestically and internationally. There is free WiFi available throughout Sea-Tac Airport.

From the airport, you have options between rental cars, taxis, shuttle vans, or the lightrail in order to reach the Woodmark Hotel.

By Car

You can reach the Woodmark by car by driving out of the airport and towards 405N.

Take exit 14 onto 520W towards Seattle. Stay in the lane as you exit 405. You will be exiting immediately.

Take the 108th Ave NE exit and go into the center lane to right turn. Turn right onto 108th Ave NE into the far left lane.

Take the first left onto Northrup Way.

Take the first right onto Lake Washington Blvd NE. (Go past the La Quinta.) Be in the far left lane as the right lane becomes a turn only.

Take the soft left curving road and then get into the left turning lane at Carillon Point. Take a left.

Head straight towards the round about. If you will be valet parking, the valet is located here. If you wish to park yourself, continue around the loop and head back to the intersection. Take a right into the underground parking garage.

By Taxi

When you exit the airport, follow the signs to the taxi waiting queue. The cost of a cab from the airport to the Woodmark Hotel will cost approximately $50-60.

By Lightrail

The link lightrail can take you from the airport to downtown Seattle. More information, including schedules, fares, and how to get there can be found here. After arriving in downtown Seattle, you may take a bus or a taxi to the Woodmark Hotel.

By Bus

If you have a smart phone, OneBusAway is a fantastic application available on iPhone, Android, and Windows 7 phones that will help you chart your bus trips throughout the city. Also, you may check the website: http://tripplanner.kingcounty.gov/

There are many options for buses so we'll list a few here. Most Seattle busdrivers are incredibly helpful and if you tell them where you're trying to go (in this case Lake Washington Blvd NE and Lakeview Drive NE in Kirkland (or Carillon Point), they'll help you find the bus you're looking for. Also, when getting on a bus, if you explain you're from out of town and what stop you need to get off at, they'll keep a watch out for you. After taking the lightrail up to Seattle from the airport:

If you get off at Chinatown/International District:
The 550 will take you to the downtown Bellevue Transit Center, Bay 12. Then take the 230 (Totem Lake) at Bay 10 to Lakeview Drive NE and Lake Washington Blvd NE.

If you get off at Westlake Center (the end of the lightrail):
Find the escalator entrance down to the Westlake bus terminal and catch the 255 (Brickyard P&R) at Bay B. Get off at South Kirkland Park & Ride. Then get on the 230 (Totem Lake) and get off at Lakeview Drive NE and Lake Washington Blvd NE.

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