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Dear family and friends,

As a couple that has struggled with the concept of registries, we would love your presence at our celebration more than gifts. Our wedding is a celebration of all the people in our lives who have watched and supported us over the years, both as single people as well as in our relationship together. We are truly blessed with the amount of support people have been more than willing to show and bestow on us, particularly through our trials, but also in our happiest moments.

Throughout our struggle, we spoke with and received the opinions of various friends who all came to mostly the same conclusion: Some people just like giving gifts as an expression of their love and as a contribution to our joining household. They even pointed out, embarrassingly, that we're one of those people.

Many of those who live in the Seattle area know that we love hosting parties and dinners (particularly Thanksgiving), and one of the gaps in our kitchen currently is that of fine diningware. So, we've put together a primary registry at Macy's that is supplemented by items derived from Amy's love of baking and feeding others at Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel for those people who wish to gift.

Thank you, in advance, for your generosity, but when push comes to shove, we'd much rather see you (especially for those traveling from afar!) than to add more stuff to our growing collection.

Amy & Derrick

Macy's, primary registry - 10-15% off promo code: KICKOFF

Williams Sonoma, supplementary registry
Crate and Barrel, supplementary registry

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